❓FLAG Network Cluster – What is it?

A cluster is an assemblage of computers that co-operate and, from the outside, can be recognized as a single system. A FLAG Network cluster is an assemblage of individually-owned computers that work together (and sometimes against each other) to validate the output of untrusted programs that are submitted by users. If a user needs, a FLAG Network cluster can be employed at any time to conserve an immutable record of events in time or programmatic interpretations of those events. It can also be applied to trace the computers which keep the key in maintaining the cluster running. There might be another use which is to investigate the possession of real-world assets. In those cases, the FLAG Network cluster offers a record of events which is called the ledger. As long as that cluster remains, it will be kept for a lifetime. If anyone in anywhere of the world still somehow keeps a copy of the ledger, the output of its programs (which may contain a record of possession) will permanently be reproducible. This process is independent of the organization that started it out.