🛣️ Roadmap

Q2 2021

Implementing projects, connecting angel investors.
Website launch.
Initial token offering on the Binance Smart Chain network.
Release of the whitepaper V1.0.

Q3 2021

Deployment of the decentralized trading platform.
Implementing the token sale platform.
Developing the Stake platform.
Successfully called for the 3 million USD investment fund from the angel investment fund.

Q4 2021

Opening of the 1st token sale.
Open the Airdrop program.
Promoting the project to several reputable communities.
Connecting new partners for the project.

Q1 2022

Opening of the 2nd token sale.
Allowing staking on the Flag Stake platform.
Seeking project development support in Gamefi, Web3, Metaverse areas.

Q2 2022

2022 Listed on DEX exchange, listed on Flag Swap.
Allow staking wallets in Flag Swap to participate in IDO.
Executing the first project on the Flag platform.

Q3 2022

Listed on exchanges with over 5 billion USD in trading volume.
Launching the mobile application for trading and swapping.
Introducing a Game using Flag tokens.

Q4 2022

Reaching the milestone of 100k daily users.
Reaching the milestone of 1 million transactions per day.
Launching the first mainnet version.
Listed on the world's top 5 exchanges.