How to Earn FLAG

How to Earn BNB
Link to your wallet
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Click here to navigate to the “Dashboard” page.
How to stake FLAG
1. Select the desired plan and click on it to expand it for staking.
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2. Fill in the amount of FLAG that you want to stake.
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3. Click "Stake" to confirm the transaction using your wallet
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Your deposit is now created, entered into the system and started earning. After the plan matures, the earnings from this deposit will stop and wait for collection. If you wish, you can make another deposit and they will work in tandem with the ones you already have. So feel free to deposit and earn!
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Affiliate Program
The 5-level Affiliate Program at FlagNetwork is designed to cheer and motivate, as well as reward, users who have gone to great lengths to invite other users to join the platform. You can invite people through your referral link. Anyone who uses this referral link to deposit money will become your LVL 1 referral.
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You will acquire 7% from all the deposits made by your invitee.
LVL - what is it? LVL represents the level of the invitee. An LVL 2 user means that he was invited by your invitee.
For example, after Anne used FlagNetwork, he invited Mark and received 7% of Mark's total deposit. Next, Mark invited Leo to join and received 7% of the total amount that Leo deposited, at the same time, Anne also received 3% for inviting Mark.
And you can set up a pattern of up to 5 levels in this way. Try to imagine how huge the amount of regular money you will earn.
However, in order to receive the referral bonus, you need to make your first deposit.