📝 Staking Intro

Introduction on FlagNetwork
As the best Yield Farm project on Binance Smart Chain, FlagNetwork Staking is developed on the FlagNetwork IDO platform. When you stake FLAG tokens, you will be allowed to join in buying IDO on the FlagNetwork platform and start earning profits every second!
What you get as a Investor
Stable passive income and high APR are things that you will definitely grasp in your hand. Just by possessing FlagNetwork Token (FLAG), you can start making profits every second just by staking at our platform!
What you get as a Promoter
In the 5-level affiliate program, you will receive a reward worthy of your efforts when attracting participants. Of course, the number of rewards and reward ratio will also rise with the number of people you invite. You may earn up to 6% from each deposit of users that you have invited.
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About Staking
High-interest rates are the most attractive feature when you stake BNB to earn BNB.
And the Staking Plan
Days for Principal Return
Daily ROI (%)
Days for Principal Return
Earnings are generated every sec, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. You can withdraw at any time and without any limits.
A minimum amount of 500 FLAG is required for staking.


The reason for choosing Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

As you can easily see for yourself, Binance Smart Chain is currently the best platform for all users. Its name comes with the most high-quality projects, the largest Defi user community. It also offers the most competitive gas fee and delivers the fastest speed for transactions.